Friday 26 June 2015

A nice 'n' easy property in Chelmsford...

This property is simple, no bells and whistles, just a straight forward, 2 bedroom house. Located just off Broomfield Road, in Chester Place, it's a great location for the station again. It's just come to the market for £210,000, which isn't too bad for a house so close to the centre of Chelmsford. Before you launchinto it feet first, make sure you view it, the photo's aren't particularaly clear and can;t see what the condition of the kitchen or bathroom is. They may need some updating, this may be why the price is set where it is. You always have to read between the lines!

Saying that though, this type of property will always rent out, providing the price is right, and I would suggest in the region of £875 pcm would be about right. 

So, doing our calculations based on these figure, we are looking at an annual return of 5%. 

If you are thinking about becoming a landlord, but not sure where to start, come on in for a chat, I'm happy to go through it with you and give you some pointers

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