Monday 17 November 2014

A 3 Bed House in Chelmsford, ripe for the plucking

This house has the potential to be a really good investment property. It may need a little bit of TLC at the moment, but it appears to be only cosmetic, not much that a paint brush and some new carpets can't sort out! The only thing I can't see, is how modern the bathroom is as there is no picture. If it does need updating though, you can get a plain white suite quite cheap nowadays.

This area is popular for many reasons, the main one being the local schooling and being a 3 bed house, means that you should attract a family and generally speaking, families are more likely to be a long term tenant, meaning less void periods for you as a potential landlord. 

The potential annual yield on this particular property, is also pretty good at 5.3%. Being on the market for £225,000 and would rent in the region of £995 - £1050. The chances are at the moment it would be at the higher end of the price guide for rent, due to lack of supply and extremely high demand!

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