Wednesday 10 December 2014

3 Bed House in Chelmsford with a 5.3% Yield Potential.

This house has been done up for you already, you won't need to do anything to it. Nice and light & neutral, exactly what the doctor ordered! Great area for rentals and being a 3 bed house means it will attract families as this area is popular for the schooling more than anything else. 

It has just come on the market for £229,995 and I would expect that £1000 pcm would be more than achievable rent wise for it at least. If you do your sums based on these figures, you would be looking at an annual return of 5.3%. 

With this style of property as well, being a family home, means that you will have a lower turn over of tenants, as families generally want to be settled somewhere, rather than moving around every year. This means that that you will save on the letting costs to find new tenants as well. Win win I say.

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