Monday 15 December 2014

Over 6% return in on!

These flats seem to be going like hot cakes at the moment, both for Selling and Letting. For some reason, everyone wants one! This is probably down tot he fact that you can get quite a decent sized property, for not a lot of cash!

This particular property has the benefit of the lease having been extended which is good for this area, a lot of them are being sold with short leases. It's on the market for £135,000 and the last few 2 beds we rented in this location we achieved £695 pcm for them. When you do your sums based on these figures, you are looking and a nice return of 6.1%!

Even though Christmas is coming, there is still a lot of activity in the market, so don;t think that it will still be there in the new year, because chances are... it wont be!

If you would like any advice on buying to let, give me a call, or pop into my office on Duke Street for a chat and a cuppa

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