Friday 27 March 2015

5.6% Return on this 2 bed apartment in Chelmsford

This apartment is on the edge of the City centre, so still not too far away if you need access to the hustle and bustle. It's a great size, a couple of things I would recommend to be done, would be to change the carpets for something a bit more neutral, it's less likely to put people off then. I would also recommend re-instating a bath in the bathroom, it has currently got a double shower cubicle. to make sure again that you are not cutting anyone out from the market, pop a cheapy bath tub in with a shower above and away you go!

It's come on the market for £169,995, if you could get a couple of grand off the price, this will go towards the carpets and bath. Rental wise, you would be looking at a monthly rent of £795. Looking at these figures you could be looking at a potential annual return of 5.6%, before service charges etc. Not a bad property.

2 Bedroom apartments are always very popular in the rental market, no matter what is going on with the rest of the market, a 2 bed flat will always let.

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