Wednesday 4 March 2015

Another ready made investment in Chelmsford!

Calling all potential landlords... there's been a few properties I've noticed recently that are being sold with tenants in place and this one in particular caught my eye. The price is reasonable to buy it at £160,000, which for a 2 bed in this area, seems pretty good. The details say that there is a tenant in place currently paying £750 pcm. 

Working just on these figures alone would generate you a yield of 5.6%. When it comes up for renewal thought, you could probably increase the rent or re-let it for a higher amount, maybe even £795 pcm, which would then increase the yield to 5.9%!

The area is good, the apartments are modern, the price is reasonable & the rents are good, a great recipe for a great investment!

1 comment :

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