Saturday 12 July 2014

2 Bed Houses in Chelmsford rent like Hot Cakes!

Landlords always ask me what type of property should they buy next for their next investment, my answer is always "2 bedroom properties". It doesn't matter if it's a house or a flat, either will rent all year round. Flats will appeal to professional couples who might be commuting, as there is generally no garden to maintain. Houses will appeal to couples or small families, who need a garden.

I've picked this one out from my Rightmove surfing today and thought that this was lovely. It's very nicely presented, with a modern finish, which tenants will love. Just look at the details on the link below:

On the market for £239,995, which considering the condition and the fact it also has a garage, isn't too bad. (It's alwys nice to try and get a bit of money off though isn't it!)

You would be looking at a rental figure in the region of £900 pcm realistically, which would generate a gross yield of 4.5%. Whilst this may not be one of the highest yields you can get in the Chelmsford area, if you take into account the desirability of the property, you are unlikely to have long void period, which you might with a property in a not nice area or not great condition/style. 

If you have any questions regarding your search for an investment property, give me a shout.

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