Saturday 19 July 2014

High Yields in Baddow


 I don't normally push a property that isn't close to the City centre, but this one I thought was a little bit special and worth a mention. Although only a 1 bedroom maisonette, not only does it have parking, but also a decent size private garden, which is pretty rare for this type of property. It's not going to attract a City commuter, but there are plenty of other types of tenant out there. 

It is on the market for £144,000 with Duffield Stunt, I suggest that if you like the look of it, you best contact them pretty sharpish.

I would suggest a rental price of £675, which would generate you a gross yield of 5.6%. I would check with the agents to see what other charges there would be to take into account as this property is leasehold.

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