Saturday 7 June 2014

Great Deal in Galleywood!

Hi everyone, normally I would say that if you are looking for an investment property, it's got to be in the City centre, or near to at least ... However ... I have just seen this one come to the market and I thought it was quite an interesting prospect. From the outside it doesn't look anything fancy, but inside it is lovely. (check out the internals)

Cheap as chips at just shy of £120k, this would rent for £550 pcm (conservatively), so, depending on what you agreed to buy it for, easily would generate a yield of 5.5%. One thing to bear in mind with this property is that not all people are happy to be 'out in the sticks', so there is a potential that there could be slightly longer void periods, however if you have an agent acting on your behalf that is on the case, they should be advising the property to be re-marketed as soon as they know a tenant will be vacating. If you have any questions regarding this aspect of the rental market, please either give me a call on 01245 330500, or pop me a quick e-mail

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